Yoga for Peace

Yoga For Peace

I have been using Yoga for Peace intensively in the past year of my journey and I can honestly say it has made a monumental impact on my ability to manage life’s challenges.  The idea of Yoga for Peace is covered in my new book, Living in the Pause in Chapter 3 – Solitude and the Precious Moment.

Living in this world of striving, trying to attain, stress, worry, anxiety, fear…. shall I go on?  Yeah, you get the picture. We need to decompress and my old ways of decompressing ended up, much of the time, being destructive to my mind, my body, or other people.   So understand when I say ‘decompress’ I am not referring to having those cocktails you may feel you need in order to numb out the feelings and emotions that come with dealing with life on life’s terms…. Yoga for Peace is a beautiful medication that I suggest to everyone these days that helps put the Ego in check and live in The Moment.

I consider it to be one of my ways to meditate and even part of my prayer practice and it acts as a forced meditation for 70 minutes at a time and I generally go to class 4 times a week. Today in class we talked briefly about how important it is to be aware of how many rocks we are allowing into our ‘bowl of light’ yoga for peaceand the ability we have to dump it out and literally start over when necessary.

Here’s a portion of a quote that’s featured in my book from my teacher…

“This Un-clenching of the energetic heart center is the experience of yoga itself, fully realized. The
wounded, fragment parts of ourselves move from an unnatural space of dis-memberment to an integration of body/heart/mind. We re-member our essence of openness, freedom, and natural state of grace. The joy of our essential BE-ingness radiates from within to all around us and we affect others and the world positively (vs. infecting).”

~ Jessica Anderson-Julian

There is emotional healing in Yoga also and during the past year I desperately needed to move towards as much emotional sobriety as I could. It’s been part of my healing and I feel blessed to include it in my balance, alignment, and congruence practice.

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