What Should I Do?

what should i do?

What should I do?  Where should I go?  What should I say, and to Whom?  Marianne Williamson shared this powerful little prayer with me and I use it to guide me through my days.

Many times we don’t allow ourselves to be led because we’re so focused on DOING what we think is best. What am I gonna get out of this? How can I manipulate this situation to benefit ME the most? How much am I gonna make? How good am I gonna feel when I do this?what should i do

Naturally we run through our days focusing on US and not on serving others. When a whole day goes by and I haven’t helped someone in some way, I feel that I ripped off myself and someone else. When I do my ‘good deed’ for the day, I don’t feel that I’m done…. but it feels so good to have served in some way.

I never used to live this way. I never used to own my shxx either. I was constantly in my head living in the past – in my shame, guilt, or regret or living in the future – in my fear, stress, or worry. In this state of mind it’s virtually impossible to serve, because you’re so caught up in SELF that nothing else can penetrate the NOISE in your head that keeps you so busy.

So busy getting nowhere fast, that is.

What Should I Do?


Do yourself and everyone else a favor. SLOW DOWN. Get still, get quiet, get REAL with yourself and understand that the most important moment is NOW. There really is no other moment. Because the past is gone and the future isn’t here yet!! Make sense?

I cover a great deal on getting still and quiet in my First Book and I implore you to take a look at it. If not my book, read somebody’s! Do something to begin living the life you were designed to live. For God’s sake, your sake, and the sake of everyone else in the world. Do it :0)




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