We Are Perfect

We Are Perfect

We are perfect even before we are born. We are perfect when we are in our mothers womb. We are so perfect that for 9 months we don’t have to think about anything or try to make anything happen for ourselves.

We are perfect: If you think about it, we don’t have to try hard to do many things. Consider the fact that our hair grows, our fingernails grow, our blood pumps through our body, our eyes work, our ears work, our noses work, and that all of these things happen automatically without us even having to try to do anything. we are perfectReally, it’s a miracle! We are perfect in all of these ways and we don’t even have to try!

We are perfect and when we consider this, it is not only reasonable, but also wise to apply this fact in all that we do. We often push against closed doors because we feel like we know what is best and we think that we have all the answers and that we need to take control. But, Doing the next right thing, and simply letting go of the outcome, is a much simpler and peaceful way to live. It is a way of living that is free of so much stress, worry, and anxiety.

The reality is, we are perfect when we’re born and it takes situations or circumstances like our our childhood and our relationships to learn some of the things that we truly need to forget and unlearn. WE MUST UN-LEARN LIMITING BELIEFS, ESPECIALLY THE BELIEFS THAT WE ARE NOT ENOUGH and we must unlearn it now! Know Your Self-Worth

Next time you feel down on yourself and feel like you are not good enough, consider the fact that you are perfect just as you are. Your body and your mind are amazing and you can use them to benefit yourself and the world in unbelievable and unlimited ways. You are perfect, we are perfect, and the moment is perfect just as it is. Just BE!

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