Ways to Meditate

Ways to Meditate

There are many different ways to meditate and like many other things in life there is no ‘right’ way to do it. Also, like many other things the key to meditating is just to ‘do it’.

It is ironic, since meditating involves being still, that a quote by Albert Einstein comes to mind from my readings this morning which is…

“Nothing happens until something moves” ~ Albert Einstein

I find that for me listening to some ambient or calming music helps me meditate and I usually blend meditation with prayer. As I am still and quiet, I get intuitive downloads and insight that probably wouldn’t come to me if I stayed in the noise of the world and my head. I ask God to reveal Himself to me more each day as a meditative prayer and I feel that by involving Him in my meditation, as I learn to listen, I get much more out of it.

For me finding ways to meditate ties in perfectly with me asking God to relieve me from the bondage ofways to meditate my self-will every day. I believe that when we get still and quiet we are connected to God, the piece of God inside each of us is able to get a message through just like when we are sleeping. When we can hear what some call a still small voice we get the instructions and guidance that we need each day.

When I forget to meditate or just don’t make the time for it, I can tell that sometimes my day seems to be living me and I feel a little out of balance. When this happens, I force myself to take a few minutes to close my eyes, breathe consciously, and get still and quiet… even if for just a few minutes. We can do this almost any time, anywhere.

Try it. You don’t have to do it ‘right’, you just have to take action…. by getting still and quiet :0)

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My good friend Brian Hyman teaches a guided meditation course on Udemy you can check out HERE

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