Wake Up to Your Truth

wake up to your truth

Wake Up to Your Truth… like in the movie the Matrix, life offers us two choices: truth and ignorance, unconsciousness and consciousness.

wake up to you truth

We must admit our own truths. Whether that be that we are unhappy with our jobs, unhappy with ourselves, or whether that be that we are HAPPY with our lives. Regardless, consciousness is always the right choice. To be unhappy without knowing why we are unhappy is far more painful than the pain of unhappiness itself. Likewise, happiness is far more enjoyable the second we become conscious of being happy. Strive to wake up to your truth.


You are probably thinking, “well, how do I do that?” The answer is simple, but the application is not easy: remove judgement. Rather than try to understand things–‘see them.’ Look at things as they are and refrain from applying an opinion. We must separate ourselves from our programming, which is to say we must ignore the dogma, limiting beliefs, opinions, and ‘lessons’ that we inherited from our environments. 


For example, when you look at a plant, instead of looking at the plant in terms of its color, whether or not it is pretty, or trying to think of what the plant reminds you of, see it for what it is at its core: a living organism.


Look at yourself, and at others, and see what is truly there: a breathing, living, emotional, intelligent being. Nothing more, nothing less. Once you use this approach and apply it to all facets of life you will wake up to your truth.


Wake Up to Your Truth


The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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