Unlearn Your Unworthiness

unlearn your unworthiness

Unlearn Your Unworthiness…as we learn to pause and respond rather than react, we inevitably become conscious of ourselves, our thinking process, and our emotions. That is normal. That is what Pausing does: it reveals.

unlearn your unworthiness

However, know that what we often find and think of as ‘ourselves’ is not, in fact, our true selves. External sources teach us many things: how to speak, how to treat others, how to feel about what we feel, how to be unworthy… learn to unlearn… unlearn your unworthiness.


Unworthiness is learned. A child does not come in to this world believing it is ‘less than.’ It is only through conditioning that a young boy or young girl begins to believe that ‘they are not as ‘smart’ as their older brother,’ ‘that they aren’t as cute as their younger sister,’ etc. As young children, we believe what we are told. After all, how could we ever know otherwise?


But, through Pausing, through self-reflection, through self-analysis, and mindfulness, we may learn to see, understand, deal with, and change our learned unworthiness and many other learned habits, beliefs, or emotions. By becoming conscious of our ingrained sense of being, we may than consciously revert back to the child-like worthiness that we were born with. The only difference? Consciousness. We are all born worthy. As children, although ignorantly, we innately know this to be true. As adults we must be young at heart and live with child-like enthusiasm, wonder, and worthiness.


“You have to child-like in the pursuit of your life, but you cannot be childish.” – Elizabeth Gilbert


Unlearn Your Unworthiness


The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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