Too Much Thinking

Too Much Thinking

When the topic of ‘too much thinking’ comes up, people are curious as to which type of thinking this might pertain to. I believe it pertains to all of it. Consider how many thoughts you’ve had in your lifetime and then consider how much time you’ve been quiet and still. We could all use more quiet and still time and, if possible, time of as little thought as possible.

If we’re thinking, we’re not really living in the moment. This is quite heavy, but remember, our thoughts are not real. If we are living in the moment and embracing the moment fully, we can’t be thinking. If we’re thinking we’re considering something in the future or something from our past.

To simplify this, consider trying to spend more time being still and quiet in meditation and prayer to givetoo much thinking yourself more breathing room by having little to no thought. It’s a real challenge but also a real blessing to give your brain a breakstop obsessive thinking. 96% of our thoughts are subconscious which means they’ve been programmed into our mind through our experiences. This means that we can change that programming by thinking better and more fruitful thoughts and eventually make these thoughts part of the subconscious thought processes that are running our life every day.

Consider that too much thinking keeps your mind busy and preoccupied, unable to consider how blessed and grateful you can be in the moment because in the moment, everything is okay. You are fine and your body is operating perfectly. You’re breathing and your heart is pumping. This is a great thought to have. Give this a try and see how it makes you feel.

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