Tired From Work

tired from work

Tired From Work

When we are tired from work, doing more is not always the most exciting idea. I had a day like that today and before deciding to just ‘lay down,’ so to speak, I decided that moving forward was important to me and pushing through the ‘tired from work’ syndrome was the best course of action.

Here is the truth: it’s easy to procrastinate and easy to make excuses. That’s why, as they say, there is a lot of room ‘at the top.’ In this case, I’m not speaking of the top of the food chain or the top of the financially successful. In this case, I’m talking about the top of your OWN game, where you find the rewards for taking the next right indicated action and pushing yourself to do the next right thing.tired from work

I have seen this work miracles in my life and it doesn’t really matter whether or not I think everything is falling perfectly into
place for the day. Because the reality is, we are going to have days when we just feel ‘a little off of our game’ like I did today. Everything isn’t perfect. But it never will be perfect.

When I push forward and shift my mentality from one of ‘being ungrateful or victimized’ to one of ‘moving toward my goals and dreams,’ I feel better about myself. It’s called an esteem-able act, doing what you know you should do even when you don’t feel like it.

I’m sharing this because I know that it happens to everyone and it happened to me today, even with my program in place, even though I did Yoga today, even though I prayed and meditated and lived the present, it just happens sometimes.

Here’s what I know. I am better than I was before. I don’t have to be better than anyone else, I just have to be better than I was before and I am. So I am grateful and when I feel like I’m tired from work, I push forward anyway. That’s the ticket. Just do it anyway!!

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