The Past is Gone

When ‘The Past is Gone’ came up in a Wayne Dyer talk that I listened to, the concept really stuck with me: the present moment is not only really important, it is also very much fleeting. Even right now, as you’re reading, this present will immediately be gone and will become part of the past.

the past is goneWe not only have a hard time grasping that the past is gone, we also allow ourselves to be filled with stress, fear, and worry about the FUTURE. This ALSO keeps us from enjoying the precious ‘NOW’ moment that is available to us with every breath that we take.
Two of my personal hacks for embracing and being ok with the fact that the past is gone, are Yoga and Meditation. I go to Yoga class 4 times a week, and in that space and time, I am able to relax into the precious moment and be still, quiet, and ready to receive the intuitive download of information that is brought to me only while I am in the moment…. Never in the past. Never in the future…

Our world is so busy and so noisy that to stay ‘out of the moment’ and not remember that the past is gone and that all we have is the precious, present moment, is EXTREMELY easy to do. AND, to make matters worse, because we hold on to things that we should have already let go, we experience regret, shame, and guilt over our past!

The past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived yet. We will never be able to live in either one of them because in reality, all we have is this very moment… right here, right now!

The Past is Gone

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