The Gift of Hospitality

the gift of hospitality

I am amazed by this reading today that speaks of what a blessing The Gift of Hospitality is. When we serve in a non-expectant way by sharing our experiences and Love, miracles happen.

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo is an amazing book that I recently have started reading daily as part of my morning practice and it’s phenomenal. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow spiritually. Mark’s writing style hits home with me and shares ideas on how to ‘Have the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have’.the gift of hospitality

‘Living in the Moment Consciousness’ per Eckhart Tolle begins with Acceptance and ends with Enthusiasm. I believe it is possible to experience the Kingdom of Heaven as we are, in the moment, here on earth by becoming MINDFUL.

My favorite definition of Mindfulness is ‘Non-Judgmental Awareness’ and this passage today reminded me of that simple, yet poignant definition.

As I continue my journey of self discovery and learning to live from the inside out, as I write about in my First Book, I am hyper aware of how impossible it is for anyone to ‘do the work’ for me, go through the pain for me, figure it out for me… it is quite simply a Fire that we all must go through ourselves and learn the lessons or else we will inevitably continue certain fruitless cycles until we “Get It”.

The Gift of Hospitality


It is the way that we who have suffered can take our turn, lifting the head of whoever has fallen, bracing their exhausted neck to drink, knowing that we can never drink for them.

~ Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening





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