Stop Reacting Start Responding

stop reacting start responding

Stop Reacting Start Responding…as you start to ‘get to know you,’ inevitably, difficult situations and difficult people will present themselves to challenge your desire and willingness to be you…pause when agitated or doubtful:

stop reacting start responding

To react to situations is to use the subconscious–the past–as an answer to a problem; however, the goal should not be to live according to the past. To become a mindful, enlightened individual one must learn to Live in the Pause–to live in the now, in consciousness. Responding takes place in the present moment and requires one to make a decision not based on past experiences, but based on conscious decision making. But, what is the key difference between reacting and responding? The answer is time: the pause.


When we Pause before responding, we allow not only ourselves, but all parties involved, more time to see, process, and analyze sensory, mental, and intuitive information before coming to decisions. It is especially important to do so before making group decisions or decisions that affect many. When we choose to react, we operate from a subconscious and possibly even an unconscious mindset. We are, whether we realize it or not, disrespecting the present moment by assuming that it is like all other moments before it. By Pausing we respect the present moment as its own unique entity and thus are able to rationally and consciously respond with a unique decision/solution. 


Pausing is especially helpful when dealing with other individuals. Think of all the times when people have ‘pushed your buttons.’ People, especially those who know us best, are able to trigger us in such a way that we react emotionally rather than respond rationally.


Be mindful of how quickly you react to someone or something  that agitates you. Take a moment to Pause, breath, and respond rather than react.


Stop Reacting Start Responding


The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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