Stop Judging Others

stop judging others

When we Stop Judging Others our life changes.

I was listening to a lecture from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Marianne Williamson yesterday, and it had a huge impact on my ability to shift to a different space, and I need to Shift :0)

It’s been a challenging week as I have been trying stay in a Higher place and be my Higher Self. It’s easy for my stop judging othersLittleĀ Self, my False self (let’s call him Dave – I’m David Now :0) to creep into my life and try to make me attempt to control the people and situations in my world so I can ‘feel’ comfortable. That’s crap!!

What I’m learning is that I am still responsible to stand up to ‘Dave’ and put him in his place, the Past. I don’t live that way any longer. I am OK in the moment and all is well. I refuse to go BACK to a place of needing to enforce all of my unwritten rules that I have about life that I created in order to make me feel ‘comfortable’. Truth? There is a piece of God living inside me and I am OK, EVEN if _____________. Fill in the blank!

I wrote about all of this in my book, Living in the Pause.

Now I’m living it day by day. I realized today that God hasĀ presented me with everything I needed to see with my New Glasses and tested me in many areas. No Joke! I can’t just talk a good talk. Walking is where it’s at!! I MUST Stop Judging Others!

Marianne spoke about my commitment needing to be a space of love as I go about my day every day. I say a prayer many days that simply says ‘God, where should I go what should I do, what should I say, and to whom?’ One of the things that stuck with me while I was sleeping last night was the idea of what my bottom line should be.

Stop Judging Others

I should make my bottom line be my own non-judgment.

When we stand in judgment of any person, place, or thing we are not able to stand in love and our world remains a world that is in need of change. As Marianne said, we teach by being love, embodying love. If we’re not living in a place of LOVE, we’re more than likely living in a place of FEAR.

When we can step back and stop judging other people, we can just be in the moment and know that we are okay and everything is okay. When we do this we allow Divine Guidance to do the work it does best. To provide us with some sense of direction as we let go and let God.


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