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edg14023In his new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss, author, speaker, and Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, David Domm, shares insight into the transformative experiences that have lead him to living the life of his dreams.

David Would Love to Add Your Small or Large Group to His 2016 Speaking Tour.

David’s Message of Hope Includes These Topics, Concepts and More:

  • We Are More Powerful Than We Give Ourselves Credit For
  • Balance in the Four Body Systems: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual
  • We Can Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Our Self-Esteem is Vital
  • Pause When Agitated or Doubtful
  • Developing New Habits
  • living in the pauseGetting Honest With Ourselves
  • Holding On to Individuality In Relationships
  • The Power of Connection: Together, Everyone Acheives More
  • Perception is Paramount
  • It’s Never Too Late to Make Radical Changes
  • Get In Touch With Your Soul
  • We Are Worthy

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