‘Self’ Fulfillment, Know Your Truth Live Your Dream

know your truth live your dream

‘Self’ Fulfillment, Know Your Truth Live Your Dream…I am confident that we all have the ability to Live our Dream. The only real block to this is knowing what I like to call our TRUTH. Which is getting to know US, ourselves.

know your truth live your dream

The truth is, though we are all connected, we are all uniquely individual as well. As we progress in our awareness and our consciousness we become much more independent in not only our thinking but also our actions. It is important to accept uniqueness and independence and not continue patterns of co-dependence. Instead, we must work towards being what Stephen Covey calls “interdependent.” Interdependence asks us to be individually independent, but to come together to be dependent upon one another. In others words, to be a team of individuals.
We must discover who we are aside from outside stimulus. Through reflection, meditation, being still and quiet, through learning, and through truth we may find out not only what we are and why that is, but also what we are without those things. As we remove the layers of learned beliefs, past experiences, futures stresses, and adopted dreams, we begin to find our truth, we begin to hear our voice, and we begin to reacquaint ourselves with our voice.
Learn not to spread yourself thin. Learn to focus yourself and give yourself fully.  
Get to know yourself. Take time to be alone. Disconnect from EVERYTHING and you will find that your connections to everything will either strengthen or disappear. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. Learn not to spread yourself thin. Learn to give yourself and focus yourself fully.  
“Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses” – Fritz Perls

Know Your Truth Live Your Dream

The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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