perception is paramount


Perception is Paramount. ‘What you see is what you get.’ How many times have we heard that one? I have my own version of this saying: how you see what you see is what you get.

How we interpret external stimuli is our perception and we all have the choice in how we choose to interpret things in our lives. But, it is vital that we not only change what we see, but also how we see: we must interpret our interpretations.

It has taken me most of my life to understand that ‘letting go and letting God’ allows one to perceiveperception is paramount things that may look horrible on the surface to be simply part of the plan.

Over the past seven years or so leading up to writing this book, I have had multiple business failures, two divorces, I have struggled with addictions, I have lost jobs, I have practically lost everything, including my identity and at times, I felt as though I would die from the pain and suffering. But I see now, that everything that happened to me in my life was all part of the plan. God knew exactly how to deal with me, and when I didn’t learn an important lesson, He presented me with opportunity after opportunity to learn that lesson—this is how I see what I see.

All of the challenges and heartache have lead me to exactly where I am now: a space where I am writing books, speaking, and sharing my message of Hope with the world. Without allowing my mess to become my message, and without allowing the pain to be transformative to my journey of knowing my Truth and living my Dream, this never would have happened. But, it all started with recognizing my false truths, taking my personal inventory of responsibility, accepting the pain of truth and regret, and interpreting my interpretations of the world and its events.

*This Blog post taken completely from Chapter 6 in my book Living in the Pause

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