‘Self’ Discipline: Okay Even If


‘Self’ Discipline: Okay Even If… A lot of the time, our circumstances are not ideal. A lot of the time our lives are not what we wish them to be… our relationships are not how we wish them to be… but, it is important to be okay even if these things are true in the moment.

'self discipline': okay even ifLife is not easy. Life is constantly changing, we are constantly evolving, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, conflict is always present. Whether it be inner conflict, conflict with others, or conflict with our environment, conflict itself, struggle itself is not a bad thing. Do not avoid it. We must learn to be okay even if nothing in our lives is going ‘well.’ The experience of conflict itself is much more important than the outcome of the conflict. In reality, our circumstances do control our inner state of peace. We must be aware of this fact and maintain our peace despite what may be occurring outside of ourselves.

We Are Solely Responsible For Our Individual State of Mind
We must implement self-discipline and be diligent in maintaining good habits, especially mental habits. Even if times are hard and situations are difficult, they are not impossible. Use self-discipline and remind yourself that you are okay even if times are tough. Remind yourself of your strength, your power, and your self-reliance. Instead of looking outwardly for strength, look within. Practice positive self-talk and do not give up.
“Hope is wishing everything will be okay. Faith is knowing even if it’s not, you’ll still be fine. Have faith.”

Okay Even If

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