Mindful Thinking

Mindful Thinking

Mindful Thinking involves awareness.  Being aware, ‘in the moment,’ of where the thought is coming from, or better yet, who is thinking the thought? Is it your true Higher Self that is thinking the thought or is it your Ego? Allow me to elaborate on what may sound like a complicated thing to do:

Our Ego speaks to us in our own voice, and also, it is the master of separation. It’s job is to keep us ‘out of the moment,’ meaning not aware and focused on the past or the future. On the other hand, in the moment is where we find our Peace and our Truth.

So when you have a thought and you attempt to find the truth by questioning if it ismindful thinking
really true or not, you are practicing mindful thinking. Ask yourself, “is this thought about striving for more, worrying about the future, or being regretful or shameful about the past?”  If so, it’s more than likely that it is your Ego that is talking to you through your thoughts.  If, on the other hand, your thoughts are focused on love, serving, making the world a better place–and free from any kind of condemnation, criticism, or judgment–you may be living in the moment and thinking through your Soul: your Higher Self. Congratulations! You just took a crash course on mindful thinking and Living in the Moment.

As we watch our thoughts, question if they are true, and ask, “who is thinking them,” we begin to operate in a realm of mindful thinking and we start developing an ongoing sense of Peace that we can carry into all areas of our life. We also begin to have more meaningful conversations and interactions with the people we come in contact with.

Furthermore, Mindful thinking involves being aware of other people’s feelings and how our responses to those feelings may alter not only the perception that these individuals may have of a situation, but also how our reactions change the perceptions that others may have of us as well.

As you start to see and think differently, and question who is controlling your thought–your higher self, or your ego–you may find the new sense of Joy that comes from practicing mindful thinking.

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