Live the Present

Live The Present

We must live the present if we want to be free from shame and regret from our past and free from anxiety, worry, and fear about our future.

The Ego is sneaky and speaks to us in our own voice, it’s goal being to keep us trapped in the past and in the future. While living in the past or the future we cannot live the present. It’s impossible. The fact is we are all connected. The Ego knows that by keeping us separate we cannot be connected to God and others, therefore we are not able to live the present and live our Dream, our Purpose, and live our life as our True Higher Self.

The problem is that the Ego not only speaks to us in our own voice, it seems to have our best interest in mind. If we can get still and quiet enough to live the present moment, we will hear Truth and tap into that Still, Small Voice that tells us that we are not simply what we have (acquire), what we do (accomplish), and what other people think about us (our reputation). We are much more than that.

live the presentYou see over time we have created limiting belief systems that tell us that we need to strive, push, and try to do more and more of what doesn’t really nourish our soul in an attempt to “get more stuff” and therefore be worthy and worthwhile and ‘OK’ in the eyes of society and of others.

It’s a slippery slope and when we “Edge God Out” the Ego wins. We lose sight of Truth and Purpose and what makes us happy and joyful. The Ego tells us that in order to be whole and worthy we must ‘do’ more and ‘perform’ according to the script that has been written by what we think we are supposed to do, not necessarily what feeds our soul. There’s something to be said for feeling safe and secure but when is Enough Enough?

Listen closely to the noise in your head and try to determine if it your soul speaking or your Ego speaking.

I go into great detail on these subjects in my book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss. You can download Chapter 1 FREE here in audio or PDF format.

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