Learn From Failure

learn from failure

Learn From Failure… no matter the course or destination, figuring out how to learn from failure is key to any journey. Within each failure is a lesson to be learned that is of equal or greater value than the failure itself–meaning–we never regress when we fail, we only learn and progress.

If we do not initially learn from events and circumstances of life, we will inevitably have other opportunities to do so. You see, life is the best teacher and it knows that without learning certain lessons, we will never free ourselves. It is crucial that regardless of the journey itself, we all begin to mentally step back from events, decisions, and circumstances which we deem ‘failures’ in our lives and begin to change our thinking and perception of what has occurred. If we do not step back to see truth and to appropriately, and mindfully, respond to circumstance, we will be caught in a perpetual cycle of failure without learning. Trust me, I have made certain mistakes multiple times in my life. But today, I am much more self-aware and although I still make mistakes, I no longer make a mistake and not learn from it. For this, I am grateful.


Most of think of failure as being a RESULT, meaning that we determine whether or not something is a failure based on the result itself. For example, if someone has a goal of receiving 1st place in a competition and they receive 2nd place instead, they may judge their performance as being a failure. However, perception is paramount and how we look at things enables us to carry on and move forward in a more positive way as opposed to if we were to wallow in the negativity of ‘failure.’ Receiving 2nd place can either be seen as a failure or the next right step in reaching 1st place.


I consider learning from failure one of the most important lessons that we can ever learn. Napoleon Hill, and his work, helped me understand that inside every bad situation or failure there is a seed of success. I have kept that in my mind over the years and it has helped me many times to learn from my failures as I know you will begin to do so yourself.


Failure is not negative. Failure is an opportunity to self-asses yourself and your approach to, and perception of, your journey of life. Failure is a break from the grinding towards success and the opportunity to grow, learn, and become more deeply self-aware. Continue failing…continue growing…continue learning.


Learn From Failure


The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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