Know Your Self Worth


Know Your Self Worth

As you’re working toward balance, alignment, and living a life of purpose and congruency, it’s important to know your self worth. In fact, it’s really important to know your self worth regardless of what you’re trying to do.

We are all born perfect and worthy. It’s over time, through life experiences including her childhood, relationships, school, and other situations that we learn how to feel like we’re not enough. We learn to feel unworthy and less than. People treat us in a certain manner when we’re young and somehow it sticks with us and we take it on as a belief. It then becomes a part of a belief system andknow your self worth it takes on a life of its own.

As we begin the process of self-discovery, we realize that those feelings are simply limiting belief systems¬†that we’ve created and then nursed over time. They’re not true, and yet, they control our thoughts, determine our actions, and inevitably rule our lives. All of this is happening subconsciously since 96% of all of our thoughts each day are subconscious.

I can speak from experience when I tell you that these limiting belief systems stick with us and impact literally every area of our lives and primarily work their black magic under the radar. We may not even know about them for years. I uncovered things at age 48 that started when I was five years old.  I share a great deal about how I uncovered them and what the process of reprogramming looked like for me in my new book, Living in the Pause.

The good news is we can reprogram our brain and rebuild our mind so that we can be at peace, in a state of wholeness, wellness, and balance. We are all worthy; we must simply unlearn all of those things that we’ve learned that don’t serve us any longer and create new belief systems. It’s possible. You can do it!

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