Just Being Honest

just be honest

Just Being Honest is really my only solution to my problems of not living a balanced life. I am convinced of this fact.

Get honest and forget about the anxiety that comes with holding back information because you’re afraid that it might not be taken well. You’re not gonna die from it. And if you’re lucky, you will ease back into the state of balance that you need in your life in order to move on gracefully and peacefully.

It’s true. I lived most of my life withholding information because I didn’t want to deal with the way other people took it or reacted to situations. I think this is called the ‘path of least resistance’ and I have another word for it – wussy mentality. It’s OK.  I’m talking to myself also :0)


We must grow a pair and just Tell It Like It Is…. while being compassionate and empathetic :0) Believe me I know where the fear comes from. It comes from touching the hot stove and not wanting to get burned again. Well… you have to hope that if the people in your life care about you… they will begin to ‘hear’ you differently – if you’re being your NEW self.

You can’t just be a brute about it, but there is a way to deliver a message without being an insensitive jerk and the result will be ‘more harmony’ and ‘less crazy making’.

Try it out. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to LISTEN ALSO!!

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