I Am Well I Am Amazing


I’ve recently begun to answer the question of ‘How are you?’ with the answer, ‘I Am Amazing’. I haven’t determined exactly why people are taken back by this as much as they are. But I can tell you that it catches people off guard and usually gets a smile out of them. They even have comments to support how cool it is that ‘I Am Amazing’ which further solidifies the fact.

It could be because the answer is not something they are used to hearing, combined with the fact that they may not be expecting to even listen for the answer (as many of us don’t) so when they hear ‘I am Amazing’ it throws them out of sync.

How many times do we listen for the answer when we ask how someone is doing? Not often I think.

So I was ‘listening’ to a video and realized that the entire video was one of my mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and decided to share it with you here. He is covering in the last part of the video a practice that I have implemented and that made a huge difference in my life.

Feel free to listen to (or watch) the entire video as Dr. Dyer shares Nuggets of Wisdom as only her can. You know, I have learned more from him since he’s been gone form the earth than I did while he was physically here with us. So blessed we are to be able to access his work through books, cd’s, video and audio programs, etc.

I Am Amazing

Before you go to sleep at night, especially the last five minutes, make sure that you are telling yourself, your soul, your spirit…. WHAT and HOW you ARE. As in, I AM Well. I AM Amazing. I AM Love. I AM Lovable. It might seem strange to you at first but I can assure you that what you tell yourself, especially right before falling to sleep, will have an impact on your world and you will begin to see things manifesting that you have stated in your ‘I AM’ practice.

Try it tonight!!

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