How to Let Go of Your Past

how to let go of your past

How to Let Go of Your Past… this is an EXTREMELY important lesson to learn in the grand scheme of life. You see, the past is gone. Unless you have a time machine that I don’t know about, the past cannot be changed; but, what can be changed is our perception of it!

Allowing our past, which includes childhood, upbringing, and past circumstance and events, to control the rest of our life is a form of giving up. As soon as we believe that we can make change to our world, things begin to change.


Once we see the light, we will never be of darkness again. If we do end up falling into darkness, our light, however dim it may be, will never extinguish.


Knowing that we have the ability to change our thoughts and beliefs systems creates infinite possibilities. There are countless stories of people who have grown up in poverty, abusive childhoods, and other unfortunate circumstances that have gone on to create magic with their lives that to believe that our past determines our future is foolish; and not only does our past not determine the future, our past should not be something that controls our ability to create an amazing and wonderful present moment.


We all have a purpose and and we are all born for a reason. Do not be someone who takes their purpose to their grave because the weight of the past was unbearable. If no one’s ever told you before, I’m telling you now: You can do anything you set your mind to. Shift your mental state to one that believes that anything is possible, that does not make excuses, and that does not set limits. If you’re still breathing, you have a purpose and you owe it to yourselfand to everyone else, to make the changes in your world to find out what that purpose is.


Your past does not equal your future and you can start creating the life of your dreams today. In your mind, create and envision a new dream, and new life… then, live it… step into it. You can do it.

How to Let Go of Your Past

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