Get to Know You

get to know you

Get to Know You…once we begin seeing things for what they truly are, we must then implement self-reflection to begin rebuilding ourselves and then our lives.

get to know you

Getting still and getting quiet allows you to get to know ‘you.’ As we discussed in the Chapter 1 Overview, ” get to know ‘you'” means pealing back all the layers of our ‘learned’ self to then truly know what and who we are. Obviously, we are intelligent, emotional beings, but what else is there? What makes each of us a unique being? This is what “get to know ‘you'” asks us to do.


Though we are not our circumstances, our environment–hell, we aren’t even our bodies and minds–we do gain wisdom, insight, experience, and knowledge through them. B.J. Neblett says, “We are the sum total of our experiences.” Self-reflection and getting to know ourselves means reflecting and our struggles, triumphs, what has happened to us, what we have caused to happen, etc. After reflecting on past events and past actions, we must then understand where all of our experiences have led us to today. The goal of self-reflection is to accept the present moment by understand how we got to it in the first place; however, reflection is not about living in the past. The point is to look back, reflect, accept, and let go. 


Through meditation, yoga, reading, or any other activity that asks us to be still and be quiet, we can turn down the ‘noise’ and ‘voices’ in our heads, find our own unique voice, and start to get to know ourselves as separate from our experiences. Use the past to learn about the present. Get still, get quiet.


Get to Know ‘You’ by reflecting on your past experiences, accepting them, and let go of the judgement or opinion we have of those experiences.


Get to Know You


The concepts in this post are taken directly from the new book, Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss.

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