Garbage In Garbage Out

garbage in garbage out

Garbage In Garbage Out

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and wondered what it might relate to. It relates to many things, including what we put in our bodies, but it also includes what we allow into our minds.

One way or another, everything that goes into your mind comes out.  When we consider this, we must be vigilant in regards to what we choose to watch and listen to for entertainment as it directly has an impact on our life in so many ways.

If you put junk into your body as fuel, you will have limited energy, and eventually, your body will breakgarbage in garbage out down as a result of what you’re allowing to go into it.  The same is true for the mind. What we put into our mind has an impact on our thinking, our actions, and therefore our results. This falls under the category of choice.

If you choose to allow garbage to enter into your mind, your thought process will include such garbage, thus garbage in, garbage out.  Therefore, in certain situations you may find yourself responding based on some of the garbage that you’ve allowed into your mind.  The same is true for good, healthy, and beneficial information…  What goes in, will come out.  We have choices in every area of our life and this particular choice is a big one!

Keep in mind, as you go through your day and your life, that what you allow into your mind through your ears and your eyes finds itself resting in your soul. The eyes and the ears are doorways to your soul.

Every decision made based on our thoughts has a consequence.  Some consequences are good, some are not so good, but ultimately we are in control of those decisions and thoughts and we can foster mindful thinking a sense of awareness that feeds our higher self.

You can choose your own ‘programming’.

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