Find the Truth

Find the Truth

It’s important to find the truth especially when it comes to our thinking and thought processes. I was blown away to learn that about 96% of our thoughts and therefore our actions are all being controlled by our subconscious mind. Isn’t that crazy? 96%!

A really simple way, not always easy but simple, to find the truth is to ask yourself as thoughts come up “is that true?” In order to do this, you must begin to try to be an observer of your thoughts. Learn to start watching your thoughts as if they were clouds going by in the sky. Be the watcher of them. As you get comfortable with doing that, you can then start doing what Byron Katie in her book, “I Need Your Love, Is that True”, calls ‘The Work’ which begins with that first question, “Is that true?”find the truth

When you ask yourself the questions, it’s likely you’ll get an answer.  The second question of the work is “Can I be 100% sure that it’s true?” and those 2 questions alone will turn things around for you and allow you to be more aware in the moment of what you’re thinking and if the thoughts you’re having are serving you or not.

I find that while I practice different ways to meditate it helps me make more sense out of my thoughts as compared to when I allow the noise of them and the world to clutter my head.

Remember, at 96% of our thoughts being subconscious it’s easy to see that we can be ‘led around’ by our Ego mind and not really be living our life but have our life living us. If you want to start holding the pen in your hand that is writing your life story more often, begin to question your thoughts and try to interpret your interpretations. I cover a great deal of this in my book Living in the Pause, in Chapter 6, Perception is Paramount.

Bottom line here is that if you want to begin to find the truth around your thoughts, begin to question them as you can each day. It will become easier the more you do it.



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