Do The Next Right Thing

do the next right thing

Do The Next Right Thing

These days I’m excited to do the next right thing and simply let go of the outcome or result. This has been extremely effective for me as I change my thinking. What I have found is that by letting go of the result I no longer limit the outcome to what I think it should be.

Most of the time when I’m trying to control the situation do the next right thingand strive for a specific result or outcome, the result I’m trying to get could be much less beneficial to me as compared to what God and the Universe have planned for me.

I know this might be a hard concept to grasp at first but it gets easier with practice. I learned, by listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer, that letting go of the result or outcome allows us to relax in the moment knowing that if we just do the next right thing, everything will work out. In 12 Step Programs they talk about simply ‘taking the next right indicated action’.

It works. It really does. When you simply do the next right thing, day by day, life seems to get more simple and seems to be easier to manage. Why is it easier to manage? Because doing the next right thing is going to line up your thoughts and actions so that you may live congruently.

Alignment, balance, and congruence are what I strive for the most these days. Balance in all areas of my life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. When balance is achieved in all areas, I believe we are able to actually step into the life that we would most want to live: the life of our New Dream Higher Self, and the life that we do not need a vacation from. Life is good. Do the next right thing.

More on this topic in Chapter 9, Let Habits Be Blessings, in my book

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