Be Still And Know I Am God

be still and know

Be Still And Know I Am God. Obviously, this phrase is in the bible, but outside of the bible I was introduced to this phrase as a mantra to be said multiple times a day form a little book called The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher that I read the first time probably in 2005 or so and then again in 2013.

Be Still and Know is the title of the second chapter in the little book, The Impersonal Life that I am reviewing in this Message From the Lake.  It suggests that we Get Still and Quiet in our mind AND our body so that we can really understand and get a glimpse of the meaning behind the words ‘I AM’.

This has become such an amazing practice for me as I focus on EVERYTHING I say these days after using the 2 words I AM.  When you look at these words with the reverence from whence they came, and you realize that they are actually another name for God, they become much more than just a couple more words.

This is insightful and allows us to be mindful of what we are saying about ourselves as we say I AM __________ (fill in the blank).

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Be Still And Know

How many times do we say something that is not uplifting, amazing, healthy, or powerful after those too words? Think about it. Whatever you THINK and SAY you are creating and when you say ‘I AM’ you are saying the name of GOD!

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