Be Open To A New Understanding

Be Open To A New Understanding

Be Open To A New Understanding. It’s so interesting how our brain works. We learn things and they become part of our Ego and Personality. Then for some reason we feel that if some new information doesn’t line up with what we already have in our “blueprint” we get fearful or threatened by it instead of being open to it.

My relationship with God today is so much more than it ever has been. One of the reasons that it is so strong and such a huge part of my world and every minute of every day is my willingness to be open to a new experience and understanding of what God is and can be to me.

I start my day with prayer, I end my day with prayer. And I am willing to accept the fact that God is part of me and living in me and in control of my Spirit and Soul. He’s not the God that I ‘knew’ growing up yet He has always been there. I just didn’t know it….

That’s what happens to us. We get caught up in our personality, our Ego… Enjoy this review.

A Message From the Lake



Be Open To A New Understanding

My thought here is when you get quiet and still and you are open to a new understanding and you want to know what God can be to you, which can be a new understanding and a new Dream, life can be a fresh new adventure that can give you things you never knew could be possible.

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