Are You Grateful Much?

are you grateful much

I used to pray very selfish prayers. And I had to begin to ask myself, ‘Are you grateful much?’ My answer was hard to take but in the “Self” Reflection work it became easier daily.

When I even begin to feel sorrow or helpless or upset or like a victim I turn my attention to being grateful and I almostare you grateful much instantly feel a renewed sense of power and Peace. It also helps to think about Service. My outlook has fittingly changed from one of ‘What am I going to get out of this?’ to ‘How can I serve?’ and that simple change in thinking has begun to Rock My World :0) in a good way.

I no longer think thoughts of ‘why does this have to happen to me’ for very long. I instantly remember my new purpose and how living in God’s Will changes my outlook on life and everything in it.

My focus is on being unlimited in my thinking, giving thanks in all things, knowing that even if something looks hard or challenging, I am going to get through it and I am going to learn a lesson in the process and OBVIOUSLY it’s supposed to be happening.

Being ungrateful is a bad habit!

Our minds are capable of so much more than we could possibly imagine. Creating productive, healthy habits and ridding ourselves of habits that do not serve our higher purpose is one of the best things we can do, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. ~ Chapter 9, ‘Self Mastery’, Let Habits Be Blessings, Living in the Pause

Are You Grateful Much?

The more I focus on serving, staying in flow, and focusing on all of my new healthy habits that I have implemented (covered in my new book), the more life gets sweeter and easier to LIVE :0)

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