A Still Small Voice

A Still Small Voice

In the bible God spoke to Elijah in a still small voice (1 Kings 18:20-40; 19:12) after He sent a mighty wind, an earthquake, and a massive fire for Elijah to witness. The idea here, some believe, is that in order to hear God’s voice you don’t have to be involved in or be witness to some dramatic situation or display of amazing powerful force.

When we get still and quiet and refuse to let the Ego guide our actions through thoughts of the past, future, striving, attaining, and pushing to get what we think we want, I believe that we are able to hear that ‘still small voice’ and it comes to us as intuition or insight from a source and energy greater than ourselves… from God.

It is impossible to hear any voice that may be delivered in the form of a ‘gentle whisper’ while the noisea still small voice from the world is so loud in our head. I believe that I hear the gentle whispers in my sleep and when I pray and meditate. I believe that our dream state is one fo the only times that the volume of the noise gets turned down enough for us to really ‘hear’ what we are to hear.

I had a conversation today about the idea that only those who have ‘ears to hear’ so to speak, are going to hear the message, whatever that message may be.  When we learn to listen, life becomes more satisfying.

I make a choice on a daily basis to get quiet enough to hear any intuitive download that may be waiting to be delivered to me.  I understand that I don’t know what’s best for me, in a sense.  The idea of doing the next right thing and detaching from the outcome has been extremely useful in my journey and trans-formative path.  I’ve learned that the result I think I want may be limiting in some way and that the actual outcome (God’s Will) could be, and probably is, much more amazing and unlimited than what I could ask or think.

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