Living in the Pause

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How I Rebuilt My ‘Self’ And Began increase self esteem beating addiction recovering from divorceLiving from the Inside Out

In this book I give details on how I have been able to increase self esteem while dealing with some extremely challenging life issues. I have learned that I am worthy and valuable, I’ve implemented healthy new habits, fostered a sense of peace and calm living in the moment, and I am letting the Light shine through me to bless the world. I am allowing my mess to become my message.

I invite you to dig in to the content and apply some of the suggestions as an act of simply doing the next right thing and letting go of the result or outcome.  I’ve found that when we practice this approach the result or outcome can be much more divinely amazing and unlimited than the little box that we try to put our life into.

Relax and let go. Rest in the moment. Basque in the Peace, Joy, and Blessing that is waiting for you because it is Heavenly!

“If you want to see what it takes to go from living unconsciously to consciously, from unaware to aware, then read David’s book. It will help you see what you need to do to create a personal transformation. You will see how he challenged habitual beliefs and attitudes and opened himself up to the possibility that he had been wrong, terribly wrong, in his approach to life. David has taken this journey and the results speak for themselves.”

– Allen Berger, Ph.D.
Author of 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery, 12 Smart Things to do When the Booze and Drugs Are Gone,
12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends, and his latest book, 12 More Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery.

>> Get Your FREE 35 Minute Audio + Chapter 1 HERE<<


>> Get Your FREE 35 Minute Audio + Chapter 1 HERE<<


I am so excited to offer Living in the Pause: Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss in print! As I was working through beating addiction and recovering from living in the pause divorce, I never knew that doing the work would increase self confidence and change my world like it has.  You can grab your free copy today!  Click to Order Now here.

What People Are Saying About the Book:

“With scrupulous self-disclosure and a deft spiritual inflection David Domm lays out a compelling description of the journey to personal empowerment.”– Warren Walker PhD. Clinical Psychologist

“Okay – finished your amazing book.! I loved it – so many “light-bulb”, “ah-hah” moments for me and thoughts of me and others throughout your own story. Wow!! So much humility and honesty in the voice of your writing that will give your readers validation through their own journey. Loved it! You Rock!!!”  – Staci

“I can’t stop reading this book!! I am glad that I still have to sit and relax after my surgery! I have an excuse to read it without stopping!” – Brandi L.

“My friend David Domm from High School just published his first book. I’m 30 minutes into it and so much of it is relative to my own personal trials and triumphs of life. Possibly to yours as well. Check it out!”  – Mike T.